Guesthouse News

We are proud of our ongoing 4 ½ out of 5 overall rating on Tripadvisor and even more so of our recent rating as “excellent” by so many travellers!! Well done to everyone involved.

Talking about involving and evolving; it is quite entertaining to consider how the preparation and presentation of coffee at the guesthouse has evolved. Almost 20 years ago, coffee was prepared in the traditional “boere moerkoffie” way – a small cotton bag, elasticised at the top, slipped over the top of an enamel coffee pot, and the boiling water poured through this. The coffee would then be kept on a hot plate to percolate. Gone are the good old days and now a fancy machine is churning out cappuccino and expresso and coffee as the connoisseurs from the Continent like it. One has to move with the times – maybe that is why we have been rated “excellent”.

Wildlife News

Summer is fast approaching and our first snake sighting has been reported – a huge puff adder, right in the path of a jogger, now famous as a sprinter! Last year we encountered the most snakes ever reported on the farm, hopefully this is the first and last!!

The swallows are back! Not the hundreds of golfers that migrate to the Cape for the summer, but several varieties of those masters of flight, consuming tons of insects on the wing. The European swallow interestingly does not breed here and is usually seen resting in their hundreds on telephone wires. Birds ringed in South Africa have been found in Ireland and Siberia!! The fastest recorded flight is that of a bird ringed in Johannesburg, recovered 12 000 km away in 34 days!

Other cousins are the White throated swallow (nesting under bridges), the Pearl breasted swallow (nesting in buildings), The Greater Striped swallow which returns to the same nest in the same building every year (the upside-down mud igloo) and the Lesser Striped Swallow, usually nesting in a mud bowl under an overhang. SO DON’T DESTROY THEIR NESTS, JUST PUT DOWN NEWSPAPER AND ENJOY THESE MIRACLES WHILE THEY ARE ENJOYING REARING THEIR BABIES AND EATING MOST OF THE INSECTS THAT MOST PROBABLY WOULD BE CHEWING YOU!

Towerbosch News

It was touch and go whether the roof of the new Towerbosch conference facility would make the day- with the noise no less than a Richter vibration of 7,5. This was a gathering of white clad locals and ex-locals for croquet (the excuse) after a gap of 15 years, when the mallets and balls were antique and the players young - now the players and balls are antique and the mallets new. The service was excellent, the feast menu superb and of course the wine superior, culminating in the decision to reinstate this much-missed event at Towerbosch (poor Towerbosch!!)

Build a bear for TygerBear – The TygerBear Project

Knorhoek will be supporting another amazing and touching initiative. TygerBear is a project many caring and loving people are taking on to make a substantial difference in the lives of less fortunate children. These children include cases of terminal illness, abuse, neglect and abandonment, and much more, enough to break one’s heart.

The project started back in 1995 when and old lady took a plastic bag stuffed with teddy bears to the hospital for all the lonely and ill children to play with. It became a regular thing, thus four years later the teddy bear project was officially born. The TygerBear unit opened its doors during October 2015, and so the project grew into something beautiful.

Many people are rising to the occasion, contributing towards the well-being of these children by hand-making and donating teddy bears to the Tygerberg hospital. These unique teddy bears provide something far greater than just a stuffed animal to these children. It creates hope, care and brings meaning to their lives.

Ingrid, one of Knorhoek’s loving and caring owners, creates these one-of-a-kind teddies in her spare time to donate to the less fortunate children at the Tygerberg hospital. If you would like to do the same, please contact Manette de Jager at 021 931 6717 or at

You can also directly donate your hand-made teddy bear, wool, stuffing, material or money at the TygerBear unit located in the training centre on the hospital premises.

Galileo Open Air Cinema – Knorhoek and Towerbosch

Imagine you and your hubby, your bestie, a colleague (might be a bit awkward), or even your mom relaxing underneath the beautiful and clear night-sky, the bright stars shining down on your glass of wine, the moon giving enough light for you to see where you are going –when refilling your popcorn or taking turns to go the bar. Whatever the case or the reason, you will love it, and you will love the open air cinema and Romeo and Juliet.

Come join us for an amazing and relaxing open air movie night on Saturday the 21st of November 2015 at 20h00. There are different packages to choose from, thus make sure you go to to choose your option and book your ticket now before you miss out.

We do hope that a few hunky guys will take advantage of this romantic opportunity to treat their lovely ladies to an evening out at Knorhoek and Towerbosch.

Towerbosch Christmas Lunch

Towerbosch will be hosting a lovely Christmas lunch on Thursday 24 December 2015 between 12h00 and 14h30. The Christmas lunch will be based on our country-feast table-buffet at R220 per person including a glass of our own rose-pink sparkling wine

Please note Towerbosch will be closed from 25 to 29 December 2015, and will reopen on 30 and 31 December 2015 for lunch. Towerbosch will also be closed on New Year’s Day and the 2nd of January 2016 for lunch. Please join us again for our first country feast lunch in the New Year on 3 January 2016.

Contact or or 021 865 2985 for all lunch reservations. Keep in mind Towerbosch is almost fully booked on the 24th of December 2015.

Wine Cellar News

Poor Maxine has been constantly hounded about the absence of the owls, when she says she has seen them!! The photo is at last proof!

She has also been hounded by the hounds, Rhemy and Sakkie, that have dragged a VERY dead porcupine into the wine tasting facility, much to the horror of the clients. They have reached a mutual agreement that they may visit, without extras!

With the smellies downstairs, we have a swollen head upstairs. Barry is so chuffed with his awards, quite rightly so, considering the company he has kept amongst the award winners.

Two Cubs Sauvignon Blanc 2015:
Michelangelo Silver Medal & Young Wine show: Bronze

Knorhoek Cabernet Franc 2013:
Michelangelo - Silver
Ultra Value wine show - Silver
Veritas awards - Bronze

Knorhoek Shiraz 2013:
Veritas awards - Silver medal
Ultra Value wine show - Gold medal

Knorhoek Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 :
Veritas Awards - Silver medal

Pantère Cabernet Sauvignon 2012:
Veritas Awards - Bronze medal

Well done to the cellar team!

Farming News
The recent extreme daily temperature is a reflection of the current climatic disaster in the Western Cape - 35,6 degrees in October!! Our storage dam level is 3m down from overflowing this time last year.

Strangely though, the hot weather is also a bit of a bonus, being conducive to vines flowering and the hope that this will continue until "pea size" (you can never satisfy these farmers!! ) There is a negligible incidence of downy- and powdery mildew because of the dry conditions and very little wind, but the preventative spraying is ongoing and we are into our third treatment.

Next month a ground probe will be done to gauge the moisture levels in the soil. If nothing changes, vines will have to be irrigated during December and January - the dam is low, the farmer needs a holiday....... (stress levels rise as water levels drop).

An added stress has been the IPW audit concerning both the wine cellar and farm. (Integrated Production of Wine) Huge amounts of paperwork checking to acquire a sustainability seal on our wine bottles. The guys feel they will be passing with honours!

Family News

Knorhoek Manor House is “babysitting” the magnificent “Faure-kas” – not many houses have ceilings high enough to accommodate 300+ year old antiques (the wooden block doubling as a leg is a little more recent!!). Before moving it inside, we were advised to “de-worm” it as a preventative measure. Vermox did not work, so yours truly had to resort to using the serious stuff. Not having fancy CSI-style eye protectors, shades had to suffice (couldn’t see a thing) and the tractor drivers were robbed of their face masks (my disrespectful family said it was a great improvement).

Re-assembling it was quite an experience – not a bolt, nail or screw, everything slotted into its position – magnificent workmanship, so long ago.

The Hermanus leg of the family is currently ecstatic as Kim plus baby, Harry are visiting from Dublin. They currently excel at doing nothing, except visiting wine farms and fortunately enough sewing was done prior to the visit to keep the very successful Miss Molly stand well stocked.

October is traditionally the month when groenvye konfyt is made – a delicacy made with green figs (green pig reserve which we called it as kids). The stage of ripening is ultra-essential and no recipe is followed – only experience which entails constant monitoring for about 8 hours! Our expert, Francis Anthonie, our sprightly 80 year old retired domestic, visited us today and took over the reins (spoons?) to do the figs.

 Yours truly kept a constant watch today in order to replicate next year!(This retirement is getting to me!) They are perfect and delicious, as always

For The Intelligentsia
We are proud of OUR owls that grace us with their presence and most people are aware of the ugly myths surrounding them. This unfounded fear of owls is called Oclophobia, or more generally Ornithophobia (which is the fear of birds). Interestingly, the controversial musician, Eminem possesses this fear of owls.Ophidiophobia

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